About Us

About Us

About CrackPlatoon Charging Solution LTD.

Welcome to CrackPlatoon Charging Solution Limited, your trusted partner of EV charger supplier in Bangladesh, working in shaping the future of sustainable electric mobility in Bangladesh.

As a leading owner, operator, and supplier of EV (electric vehicle) charging solutions and services, we are committed to revolutionizing the way people power their journeys. To change the landscape of development of the country as well as nature, we’re working to establish EV charging stations in Bangladesh.

Pioneers in EV Charging

CrackPlatoon Charging Solution Limited proudly stands as the first and foremost owner and operator of EV charging stations in Bangladesh. Our mission is to steadily expand our footprint, strategically selecting deployment locations based on a thorough analysis of areas with the greatest need for EV charging.

We are committed to contributing meaningfully to the EV landscape and generating revenue through the sale of advanced EV charging stations and networking systems.

CrackPlatoon Charging Network System

At the heart of our operation lies the CrackPlatoon Charging Network System – our proprietary cloud-based software. This advanced system seamlessly operates, maintains, and tracks our CrackPlatoon CSL stations, ensuring optimal functionality and a superior charging experience.

Our EV chargers are designed to empower property owners, managers, and parking companies (“Property Partners”), our cloud-based services facilitate remote monitoring, management, and payment processing.

EV drivers benefit from real-time station information, including location, availability, and applicable fees. Overall, to foster the experience of EV charging, the network system will be the game changer.

Deployment of Business Models

We’re committed to extending our innovation with our Property Partners, with whom we offer a diverse range of deployment of business models. These models, falling into four distinct categories, cater to various needs and preferences, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for the widespread adoption of CrackPlatoon EV charging solutions.

Mission & Vision

Green Country – Green Technology (Bangladesh): Striving towards a Bangladesh characterized by green technology and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Enabling Electric Mobility and Making

Electricity Clean in Bangladesh: Paving the way for electric mobility while ensuring clean and sustainable electricity for the nation. Self-dependency for EV charging station in Bangladesh.


Our organization is dedicated to relentless research and the commercialization of new technologies, ideas, products, and EV charging services within the unique landscape of the Bangladesh market. Through rigorous testing of flexibilities, scopes, and development opportunities, we aim to create solutions that resonate with the socio-cultural context.


Self-Dependency over Energy Consumption for Bangladesh: Empowering Bangladesh with self-sufficiency in energy consumption and the landscape of EV charging future.

Climate Change Philosophy: “Make the World better places for Next Generations.” Our overarching vision revolves around creating a world that is better for future generations by addressing the challenges of climate change.


Why Should You Go With US?

Why Should You Go With CrackPlatoon Charging Solution

Our EV charging solution is not only delivered quick-charge but also safe and reliable. You don’t have to worry about the battery’s health, slow charging, and tangled wires.

We focus on providing quality service and products to our users to ensure a convenient and anxiety-free EV charging experience.

Our EV charging ports work with a wide range of EVs. So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of our device. The products we deal with are designed to be futuristic and will work with newer versions of EVs.

Join us at CrackPlatoon Charging Solution Limited as we drive innovation, sustainability, and a cleaner, greener future for Bangladesh and beyond. Together, let's make every journey an electric adventure.