ALAK48 AC Type EV Charger



Product Introduction:

The ALAK48 charging pile is an AC charging pile for commercial use and can be delivered by vehicle, rated power of 7 ~ 22kW. It supports Type1, Type2, GB/T. There are two types of mounting: wall box and floor-stand. The whole machine design is simple, practical, and easy to install. Its high degree of protection meets the IP54 level of dustproof and waterproof.

Product Features​:

Easy to install, can be installed anywhere.

Real-time fault monitor, remote diagnosis, OTA upgrade.

Humanized operation, supports various mobile payment methods.

Strong applicability, suitable for the majority of electric vehicle models on the market.

Usage scenario:

5-inch Large Screen

LCD Touch Screen

Overload/leakage protection

Protection Level

Anti-UV Protection

RFID Card Reader

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ALAK48 AC Type EV Charger for commercial use by CrackPlatoon Charging Solution

High speed charging capabilites

The ALAK48 EV charger has a high-speed charging speed feature. It can recharge EVs quickly and efficiently without taking much time.


The hybrid plug-ins can connect a wide range of EVs, which makes the EV charger convenient and reliable for every EV owner.

Smart App Control

The EV charger is linked with our convenient app, with which you can control the charger and get many more charging features and benefits.

Safety features

For convenient, safe, and secure usage, the EV charger comes with safety features like overvoltage protection, strong built quality, etc.

Intelligent Monitoring

The intelligent monitoring feature that comes with the charger provides accurate, reliable, and real-time insights to users.

Durable & Robust Design

The ALAK 48 EV charger is built strong and sturdy, enabling it to handle any harsh weather conditions, and it will last long.

Easy to Use

The interface and the functionality of this EV charger are designed in a user-friendly way for operating and maintaining it easily.


The EV charger consumes less power and cuts additional power consumption, which makes it a cost-effective solution for EV owners.

Technical Data

Technical Data



Outlet :
Output Power :



Weight :
H*W*T :

5kg (without cable)

ALAK48 AC Type EV Charger for commercial use by CrackPlatoon Charging Solution

General Specifications


Shell Material :
Dimensions :
Installation Type :
Weight :
Cable Length :
Screen :

Aluminum Alloy
H×375mm | W×260mm | D×104mm
Wall Mounted, Floor Stand (Optional)
5kg (Without Cable)
≥4.2m (External Line)
5 inch LCD

Electrical Features

Input Voltage :
Charging Socket :

Single Phase: 230VAC+10%
Single (Type 2)
Three Phase: 400VAC+10%

Output Rating :

Output Current :
Input Frequency :
Precision :
Standby Power :

7KW/11KW (Single Phase)
22KW (Three Phase)
Class 1

Functional Features

Earth Leakage Protection :
User Interface :

Safety Features :

Type B 30mA AC and 6mA DC
Emergency Stop Button, LED Indicator,
LCD Touch Screen, RFID
Overvoltage Protection, Over Current Protection,
Leakage Protection


Network Interface :

Ethernet (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE as option)

Working Environment

Application Place :
Working Temperature :
Working Humidity :
Working Altitude :
Protection Grade :
Cooling :
Special Protection :

-30°C to +55°C
5% to 95%
Natural Cooling
Anti-UV Protection