EVSE Networking


Cloud Management System

The OCPP platform is based on the OCPP protocol, independently developed by CrackPlatoon Charging Solution Limited. It is interconnected with charging piles in real-time, which can meet the needs of various service types on EVSEs, and help users easily build O&M systems and O&M support systems.

It provides an open unified API interface environment to help users quickly invoke or customize relevant application functions and resources including permission management, mode management, remote start-stop, appointment charging, OTA upgrade, and other functions. In essence, the cloud management system enables you to control the EV charging station remotely.

EVSE Networking - Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited

Building eco system by bringing cloud Management system

EV Cloud Management System​ by Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited

Remote management

The OCPP cloud platform allows and provides access to remotely manage EV charging stations, allowing operators to monitor and control the charging process from a central location without any hassle.

Flexible billing options:

The OCPP facilitates the EV charging billing process more easily and conveniently for the users. The system supports various billing options, such as pay-per-use, subscription-based, and flat-rate pricing.

Remote software update

To ensure security in the EV charging system, OCPP implements software updates remotely. The updates keep the EV charging station up-to-date with the latest security patches and features.


You can include more EV charging stations in our cloud system for operating and monitoring. The OCPP is capable enough to handle additions without the need for extra hardware or software.

Advanced metering

The cloud platform provides up-to-date statistics with its advanced metering of energy consumption. Besides, with the apps, you can store and access track usage and generate EV charging billing reports.

Real time monitoring

Rest assured of a smooth charging experience with the help of OCPP’s real-time monitoring. The remote monitoring system tracks charging status, and battery health to enhance the overall EV charging experience.

Date management

The OCPP platform will help you manage various data such as EV charging history, billings, usage statistics, and many more. The platform provides a centralized location for storing and analyzing data.


To maintain and operate an EV charging station, the OCPP platform can be a feasible option for every owner, whereas traditional on-premises solutions can be expensive as there’s require costly hardware and IT staff to maintain the database.

Charging Management

Simplify Your Charging Management with CrackPlatoon

Crackplatoon simplifies your charging experience as it doesn’t require any technical skills to operate the EV charger and the EV charging station. With our cloud-based platform, you’ll get access to track, manage, and optimize your EV charging stations, reaping other monetary benefits.

If you’re using the CrackPlatoon charging for yourself or your business purposes, then you’ll enjoy convenient station management, effortless incomes, and valuable insights to grow your business and personal experience. We provide you the opportunity to create your own EV charging station in Bangladesh for the first time.

EVSE Networking - Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited
EVSE Networking - Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited
Station Management

Effortless Station Management

With our platform and our cloud database system, you can manage and operate your EV charging stations with ease. You’ll get access to all the essential controls via our user-friendly dashboard, and manage EV charging on the go via our mobile app.

Free Income

Hassle-Free Income

With CrackPlatoon’s robust technology, you can save more and you can earn more. You’ll get all the important insights to boost your income and grow your EV charging station.

EVSE Networking - Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited
EVSE Networking - Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited
Insights to Grow

Valuable Insights to Grow Your Business

You’ll be able to understand the EV charging station deeply with our continuous insightful reports and analytics. The information will help you to make informed decisions and grow your business.

How OCPP Works?

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is an open-source communication protocol used in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. It provides a standardized communication interface between the charging station and central management system, enabling secure and efficient management of the charging process.
Here’s how it functions:
Charging initiation: The EV driver initiates a charging session by inserting a charging card or using an app to start the charging process.
Authorization and billing: The central management system authorizes the charging session and handles billing, which can include setting and collecting fees for the charging session.
How OCPP works
Charging control: The central management system can adjust the charging process based on real-time data, such as energy consumption, grid availability and user preferences. It can also monitor the charging session and remotely stop or start the charging process if necessary.
Charging completion: The charging session ends when the EV is fully charged or when the user stops the charging process. The charging station sends information about the charging session to the central management system, which can be used for data analysis and billing purposes.
Overall, OCPP Provides a standardized and secure way to manage and monitor the EV charging process, enabling efficient and user-friendly charging experiences for EV drivers.