RUMI71 DC Type EV Charger



Product Introduction:

The RUMI71 Fast DC electric vehicle charger with double outlets which has a modern exterior design and user-friendly operation interface. The whole machine adopts a dustproof & waterproof design, and the protection level reaches IP54, which is not malleable of high temperature and low temperature. It is suitable for commercial squares, charging stations, office buildings, and other scenarios.

Product Features:

Adopt DC high-power charging, fast and efficient.

Remote diagnosis and OTA upgrades, reduce maintenance costs.

Humanized operation, supports multiple mobile payment methods.

Comprehensive electrical protection.

Usage scenario:

5-inch Large Screen

LCD Touch Screen

Overload/leakage protection

Protection Level

Anti-UV Protection

RFID Card Reader

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RUMI71 DC Type EV Charger in bangladesh by Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited

High speed charging capabilites

The Rumi 71 EV charger recharges your EV quickly and efficiently. The features enable you to enjoy a quicker and more convenient charging experience.


This EV charging device can charge various EVs as it has hybrid plug-ins. You don’t have to worry about its compatibility.

Smart App Control

Our app can control the charger remotely, for example, schedule charging, tracking energy consumption, etc.

Safety features

The EV charger comes with some advanced safety features, such as over or under-voltage protection, and electric contact-free formation for a safe and secure charging experience/.

Intelligent Monitoring

The built-in monitoring system always tracks the charging status, analyzes the data, and provides real-time information to the users.

Durable & Robust Design

Our EV chargers can handle harsh weather conditions, and have durable structures that can handle rough and tough usage.

Easy to Use

The user-friendly interface of our EV chargers will help you to operate the device easily without any technical knowledge.


The innovative technology used in the EV charger ensures minimal operating cost and maintenance costs in the long run.

Technical Data

Technical Data



Outlet :
Output Power :



Weight :
H*W*T :

1886mm*770 mm*885mm

RUMI71 DC Type EV Charger in bangladesh by Crackplatoon Charging Solution Litited

General Specifications


Shell Material :
Dimensions :
Installation Type :
Cable Rounting :
Weight :
Cable Length :

Sheet Metal
H×1886mm | W×860mm | D×885mm
Floor Stand
Bottom Inlet Wiring, Up Outlet Wiring
≥4.2mm (External Line)

Electrical Features

Input Voltage :
Input Frequency :
Charging Socket :

400VAC±10%, 3P+N+E
Double (CCS2 | CHAdeMO)

Output Rating :
Output Current :
Rated Output :
Measuring Accuracy :
DC Output Voltage :

CCS1/2 0-200Adc, CHAdeMO 0-125Adc
Level 0.5
CCS2: 150-1000Vdc | CHAdeMO: 150-500Vdc

Output Current :
Efficiency :
Power Factor :

CCS2: 0-200 Adc | CHAdeMO: 0-125Adc
≥0.99 (Load: 100%)

Function Design

User Interface :

Charging Standards :

Emergency Stop Button, LED Indicator, Card Swiping, Touch Screen, Smartphone APP
IEC 61851-1:2017, IEC 61851-23:2014,
ISO15118-1-2013, ISO15118-2-2014, ISO15118-3-2015,
IEC 62196-1-2014, IEC 62196-3-2014, DIN70121-2014


Network Interface :

Ethernet, WIFI, 4G

Environment Condition

Application Place :
Working Temperature :
Working Altitude :
Protection Grade :
Environmental Protection :
Cooling :

-30ᵒ to 70ᵒ C (Output Degraded above 50ᵒ C)
IP54 & IK10
100,000 hours
Forced Air Cooling
EN 61851-1-2001, EN61851-21-2001, EN61851-22-2001

Security Design :

Overvoltage Protection, Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Leakage Protection, Grounding Protection, High Temperature Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Lightning Protection Safeguard.

Usage Scenario :

Charging Station, Service Area’s of Expressway, Commercial Parking Lots, Tram/Metro Stations.